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gk120The institute employs a large staff of highly-skilled specialists in metrology, including over 20 doctors of sciences, 100 candidates of sciences, and 40 academicians and corresponding members of the Russian Academy of Metrology. VNIIFTRI Postgraduate Department has been training specialists in metrology for over four decades.  There is also a basic department of the Moscow Institute of Physics and Technology at VNIIFTRI. VNIIFTRI is located in a beautiful corner of the Moscow region, away from the big city’s industrial noise and vibration and other types of man-made interference, which is good for scientific experiments. The institutes's laboratory buildings and production facilities occupy an area of 115 thousand square meters on a territory of 67 hectares.

The institute possesses a unique facility base consisting of test and measurement equipment. At this site scientific research is being carried out in more than 25 scientific fields, aimed at fulfilling the need for precise measurements in such important areas as radiolocation and radio control, long distance communication, radio broadcasting, telemetry; manufacturing of radio equipment, vacuum tubes, and semiconductor devices; navigation, land and space vehicle control; geodesy, mapping, astronomy, geophysics, oceanology, sonar, fishing industry, radiotherapy, liquid reactor coolants control, ultrasonic flaw detection, diagnostic sonography, cryogenic media control; construction (control of structures and characteristics of materials, such as sound insulation, thermal conductivity, and frost resistance); pharmaceutical industry, ecology, sanitation.

Hundreds of methodological documents developed by VNIIFTRI specialists ensure the uniformity of measurements in the country.

The institute's principal activity is participation in the creation of the national standard base. Many years of scientific investigations have resulted in the creation of a wide range of measurement standards of various orders and precision measurement equipment, enabling the institute to carry out the tasks of metrological provision in the covered areas.

The institute has gained unique expertise in solving complicated theoretical and practical problems. Large measuring technological systems have been introduced into practice. VNIIFTRI leads the State Service for Time and Frequency of the Russian Federation, and is involved in the implementation of federal special-purpose programs, including the GLONASS program. It is listed among the strategically important enterprises of Russia.

Many of the VNIIFTRI developments represent high-level inventive solutions. A number of scientific discoveries have been made for which diplomas of discovery have been obtained.

The scientific and methodological school of VNIIFTRI has earned recognition abroad. The results obtained from VNIIFTRI studies many times have been among the documents underlying the approval of recommendations of the BIPM, the CIPM Consultative Committees, and other international metrological organizations.

Starting in 1965, VNIIFTRI has taken part in international loop comparisons of national measurement standards, which provide an effective and economical means to check their metrological characteristics. VNIIFTRI participates in the implementation of the mutual recognition arrangement (MRA) on national measurement standards and calibration and measurement certificates issued by NMIs.  Our calibration and measurement capabilities have been documented and most of these have already been confirmed and published in the BIPM database. VNIIFTRI actively participates in the COOMET activities as well.

Today, after half a century of development, VNIIFTRI is identifying new prospects for activity, adjusting its areas of research, and concentrating its resources to be able to effectively carry out the state tasks of the Russian economy of the 21st century.